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Usain Bolt wins the 400m 2CV race at the Stade de France (Stadium of France)!!

INCREDIBLE ! On the 6th of July, the fastest man on earth rushes at the speed of 9 km / h, on the trail of the Stadium of France for the most legendary - and slowest - lap of his career: the 2CV 400m!
It is indeed aboard our Green 2CV called Jeannette that Usain BOLT has entered the stadium, greeted by thunderous cheers of the 50,000 spectators who came to support the "Lightning"at the "Meeting AREVA" ! The other 7 of our beautiful 2CVs from this exceptional 400m were not left out ! They had on their board,  other international stars : Christophe Lemaitre and Renaud Lavillenie! A unique memorable moment  for our guests as well as for the public.

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