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Commercial Distribution

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Seduce a large clientele and leave your print by communicating in an original and friendly way. We can offer a qualitative distribution of your documentations in our cars. Associate your brand with the pleasure of a getaway in a 2CV to reach a satisfied and receptive clientele.

4 roues sous 1 parapluie offers its fleet of 2CV to serve your communication and offers to distribute your documentation inside our vehicules.
At the end of every getaway, our chauffeurs will hand out to our customers your promotional and institutional documentation, elegantly inserted into souvenir bags composed of gifts and tips to discover Paris. Our chauffeurs will also be glad to present your products and activity to our customers.
2CV with chauffeur.


Customized Duration

Our clientele
  • 4 roues sous 1 parapluie assures you of reaching a broad clientele.
  • Combining the curious and lovers of Parisian culture and heritage, our customers are foreign tourists, French tourists and Parisians in search of novelty. 
Our chauffeurs
  • Elegant, cultivated, courteous and friendly, our chauffeurs will be great ambassadors for your brand. 
  • Our chauffeurs establish throughout their tours a friendly relationship with their clients.
  • At the end of the tour, at the time of handing out the gift bag, they are more receptive to the business proposals of our partners.  
Our 2CV 
  • Thanks to the sympathetic image of the 2CV, your message will be diffused in a friendly atmosphere.
Practical information
  • The distribution of your documentation will be made through a gift bag provided at the end of the tour by our chauffeurs.

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