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History Rally of the 2CV

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In a challenging atmosphere, (re)discover in a unique way the charms of the City of Lights, but also the history of the 2CV. This is the occasion to join in a fun and innovative group entertainment in Paris.


 This rallye is…


  • The participants are divided into groups of three per 2CV

  • It is also possible to divide into bigger groups
  • The 2CV is a cosy cocoon which favours exchange and sharing


  • The participants will have to face different challenges around the history of the 2CV.
  • Challenges and questions mark the rhythm of this activity. (The questions can be adapted to the company or to a specific seminar topic).
  • Each phase of the rallye allows the participants to collect the clues necessary for solving the final riddle. 
  • Good mood and conviviality.


  • Equipped with a polaroid, the participants will pose in front of the camera
  • Laughter and a good atmosphere guaranteed!
  • At the end, the teams come together in order to exchange about the experience

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This rallye for companies can be 100% personalized. The itinerary, the questions, everything can be modified as you wish.

See below an example of a 3 hour rallye:

14h : Welcoming participants and explanation by the coordinator 4 roues sous 1 parapluie

: Departure in 2CV. Challenges of the rallye.

16h45: Final riddle

17h00 : Count of points by the team 4 roues sous 1 parapluie

17h15 : Handing over the price by coordinator (champagne or other)

2CV with Chauffeur

The participants guide the chauffeur, according to the itinerary they have in their hands

Or: 2CV and walking

During the walking part, the teams will stroll through the covered arcades, real masterpieces of the city.


Customized Duration

Prices Range

On demand
  •  N°1 in 2CV events, 4 roues sous 1 parapluie has more than 10 years of experience in the organisation of groups activities.
  • You have a reactive (quotation within 2 hours) experienced and flexible team at your disposal.
  • A coordinator will assist your event and make sure that everything is carried out as planned
Our chauffeurs
  • All our chauffeurs are polite, cultivated, elegant (dressed by Saint-James) and pleasant.
  • All our chauffeurs have a great knowledge of Paris and its heritage.
  • They have real welcoming skills and motivation to make you (re)discover this magical city.
  • Our rallyes are available in French and English (other languages on request)
Our 2CVs
  • All our 2CVs are convertible.
  • We have a large choice of colors, we will try and do our best to meet your demands.
  • Each 2CV can welcome up to 3 passengers.

                      4 roues sous 1 parapluie

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