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Monopoly Rally in 2CV

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Hasbro and 4 roues sous 1 parapluie gather to make you live an original rally in 2CV or by foot ! Paris become your board game, and our 2CVs, your pieces ! Cross the most famous streets of MONOPOLY, buy, sell and place! Onely one goal : be the richest at the end of the rally!


A rally...

  • Paris became the famous board MONOPOLY
  • Our 2CV replace the legendary pieces of the game
  • Our cars, colorful and sparkling recall the colors of each district


  • Participants are divided into teams of 3 people per 2CV
  • Ability to group the cars in order to form larger teams
  • The 2CV is a warm and cozy cocoon for the exchange and sharing
  • On board of this legendary car, participants will live together an incredible moment

  • Compliance issues, general culture and challenges: the teams will intensify efforts to pocket the jackpot
  • Solidarity and cohesion will be needed to become the richest team!


MONOPOLY © 1935, 2016 Hasbro. All rights reserved. 


Here is the held of the Rally MONOPOLY (3h):

2:00 PM: Welcome and explanation of the rally by the coordinator of 4 roues sous 1 parapluie

2:15 PM: First part - on the traditional board game, teams compete to purchase a maximum of streets

2:45 PM: Second part - Our drivers lead the participants to the heart of their properties. There, compliance issues and challenges allow them to earn money

4:30 PM: Third part - Back to the game board each team then has the option to buy hotels and houses ...

5:00 PM: Award ceremony by the coordinator (champagne or other)


2CV with driver

Participants move in Paris, life-size game board, and go into the streets they have acquired through their pawn: the 2CV!
Or:  By foot

During the game on foot, each team amble through the legendary streets of MONOPOLY.


Customized Duration

Prices Range

On demand
Our chauffeurs
  • All our chauffeurs are polite, cultivated, elegant (dressed by Saint-James) and pleasant.
  • All our chauffeurs have a great knowledge of Paris and its heritage.
  • They have real welcoming skills and motivation to make you (re)discover this magical city.
  • Our rallyes are available in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.
Our 2CVs
  • All our 2CVs are convertible.
  • We have a large choice of colors, we will try and do our best to meet your demands.
  • Each 2CV can welcome up to 3 passengers.
Cancellation conditions
  • Cancellation 30 days prior to the due date, full refund of your deposit (minus occasional bank fees).
  • Cancellation between 30 days and 72 hours prior to the due date, 50% refund of your deposit ( minus occasional bank fees).
  • Cancellation less than 72 hours prior to the due date, no refund.

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