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Rally Murder Party in 2CV

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Pónganse en la piel de un verdadero detective y lleven una investigación trepidante en el centro de París para resolver un crimen odioso. Suspenso, misterios y resurgimientos son presentes en este rally que deja sin respiración.



This rallye is…


  • The participants are divided into groups of three per 2CV
  • It is also possible to divide into bigger groups
  • The 2CV is a cosy cocoon which favours exchange and sharing 
  • Aboard this legendary car the participants experience an unforgettable groups activity!


  • The participants are put in the middle of an inquiry and will have to resolve the mysteries surrounding a villanous murder. They will have to find the murderer, his arm and the place of the crime as fast as possible.
  • Questions about general topics as well as observation questions and riddles mark the rhythm of this incentive activity. (the questions can be adapted to your company or a seminar topic)
  • A good mood and conviviality 


  • Thanks to the presence of actors, the investigations will make your teams shiver and will entertain them during the entire activity
  • The participants will also pose in front of the camera. These photo sessions will bring a convivial atmosphere to the activity.
  • Laughter and good atmosphere guaranteed!
  • At the end of the activity, the coordinator will count the points and the price will be handed over


This rally Murder Party can be 100 % personlaized: The form, itinerary, questions, everything can be adapted to your requirements.

See below an example for a 3h rallye :

2:00 PM : Welcoming of participants and explanation of the rallye by the coordinator 4 roues sous 1 parapluie

2:15 PM : Departure in 2CV and riddle

4:45 PM: Solving of the plot

5:00 PM : Counting of the points by the team 4 roues sous 1 parapluie

5:15 PM : Handing over of the price (champagne or other)
2CV with chauffeur

The participants guide the chauffeur, according to the itinerary they have in their hands

Or: 2CV and walking

During the walking part, the teams will stroll through the covered arcades, real masterpieces of the city.


Duración a Medida


On demande
  • Nuestros conductores        
    • Todos nuestros conductores son corteses, cultos, elegantes (vestidos por la marca SAINT-JAMES) y simpáticos.
    • Nuestros rallys son disponibles enfrancés, inglés, alemán, español, ruso.  
  • Nuestros coches "2CV"  
    • Todos nuestros coches "2CV" son descapotables.     
    • Le proponemos una gran selección de colores, intentaremos hacer lo máximo para responder a sus expectativas.
    • Cada coche "2CV" puede recibir hasta 3 pasajeros.  
  • Condiciones de anulación
    • Anulación por lo menos 30 días antes de la prestación, reembolso de 100% del importe (disminuido por eventuales gastos bancarios).
    • Anulación entre 30 días y 72 horas antes de la prestaciónn reembolso de 50% (disminuido por eventuales gastos bancarios).
    • Anulación en las 72 horas antes de la prestación, ningún reembolso.

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