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Invite your employees to an exceptional team building during which everyone can improvise 2CV driver! And federate your teams that will have to be welded and dynamic to overcome hardships. From the comfort of our cozy and colorful cars, participants will eyeful through the incredible remains of Chantilly, Senlis Ermenonville. A rally that will take you to one of the finest castle of France and its world famous racecourse.


 A rally ...


  • Participants are divided into 4 people per 2CV teams and will live an incredible group activity
  • Ability to group the cars in order to form larger teams
  • The 2CV is a warm and cozy cocoon for the exchange and sharing


  • Participants improvise in turn, driver of the legendary 2CV
  • During this incentive activity, they respond to different questions of observation that can be adapted so as to be related to the company or seminar topic
  • Various activities punctuate this rally (waiters' race, pétanque, wine tasting and cheese) and photo stops
  • Good humor and friendliness are at the rendezvous


  • For each activity, participants recover letters that can form a key phrase at the end of the rally
  • Armed with a Polaroid, participants pose throughout the rally
  • Laughter and good atmosphere guaranteed!

Once the event is over, participants can meet and discuss this unforgettable moment


This rally in Chantilly is customizable at 100%. Whether the form, route, title matters, everything can be changed according to your wishes.

 Here is a place for a rally of 3H00:

 2:00 p.m.: Welcome and explanation by the coordinator of the rally 4 roues sous 1 parapluie

 2:15 p.m.: Departure 2CV, Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the rally

 5:00 p.m.: Scoring by Team 4 roues sous 1 parapluie

 5:15 p.m.: Award ceremony by the coordinator





  • French English
  • Others on Request


Durata su Misura


On demand
  • Gli autisti  
    • Tutti i nostri autisti sono cortesi, colti, eleganti (vestiti dalla firma Saint James) e molto simpatici.
    • I nostri austisti parlano diverse lingue (francese, inglese, tedesco e spagnolo).  
  • Le 2 CV 
    • Tutte le 2 CV sono cabriolet.       
    • Vi proponiamo una larga gamma di colori,proveremo di fare il massimo per rispondere ai vostri desideri.
    • Ogni 2 CV  accoglie fino a 4 passaggeri.
  • Condizioni di annullamento
    • Annullamento prima di 30 giorni prima della prestazione,rimborsi del 100% della somma (diminuita da eventuali spese bancarie).
    • Annullamento entro 30 giorni e 72 ore prima della prestazione, rimborso del 50% della somma (diminuita da eventuali spese bancarie).
    • Annullamento entro le 72 ore prima della preatazione, nessuno rimborso possibile. 

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