Pedestrian Rally and Treasure Hunt in Paris

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Discover a unique and 100% Frenchy pedestrian rally!

During this extraordinary teambuilding activity, take your teams to an incredible cultural and historical setting for a unique treasure hunt around the 2CV.

During this thrilling treasure hunt in Paris, your teams will face challenges related to different themes, represented by 2CVs of various colors. Each of them shall validate a theme. Our 2CVs are waiting for you in mysterious spots, for uncommon puzzles and challenges. Be careful, strange vehicles are all around and could spice up the rally for certain teams, or on the contrary help them be victorious!

An original teambuilding activity, 100% outdoor and rooted in the territory.

To be noted :

  • Ideal for groups of 80 to 400 participants
  • An optimized budget: from 50 €/ person for 2 hours depending on the number of participants
  • Customized roadbooks for your event
  • Possible options: snack or tastings (2CV drive), a 2CV ride with a French touch 'for all participants, photographer, meal and evening, boat transfer, etc.



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