Our story

"4 roues sous 1 parapluie" ... it is in these terms that Pierre-Jules Boulanger, director of Citroen in 1935, describes the concept of the 2CV in the specification book. Boulanger is a very tall man; he challenged the engineer André Lefebvre and the "golden fingered man" Flaminio Bertoni to design a small car where he could feel comfortable despite his size, and would be able to wear a hat. The bubble shape is implemented, giving the 2CV its iconic shape of "4 roues sous 1 parapluie."




In 2002, Florent Dargnies leaves for Germany in order to complete his third year of business school at the ESCP Europe (ex EAP). He Reaches Berlin in his 2CV, and quickly notice the success of his "deudeuche" among the Germans. 

While returning to Paris during the spring 2003, he drives by tourists who showed their enthusiasm at the sight of the 2CV. It has inspired him into creating a true Parisian experience, offering 2CV rides with chauffeur to discover the city in a private and original way. 



The 2CV is part of our industrial and cultural heritage. The 2CV is a legendary, intergenerational, and world famous car. 

In many countries, the "deudeuche" appears in various fictions : James Bond - For Your Eyes Only with Roger Moore and Carole Bouquet; The Corniaud (Louis de Funès, Bourvil) Les gendarmes à Saint-Tropez (Louis de Funès), comics like Tintin and more recently the animated Disney/Pixar movies (Ratatouille and Cars 2) feature the legendary french car. 

The 2CV stimulates the senses: listen to the engine humming, enjoy the view through the convertible top, feel the velvet of the seats ...