Pieces jaunes : a 2Cv parade for 30 years!

When Pieces Jaunes celebrate their 30 years, our entire fleet is abuzz!

Partner for the 5th year in a row of the Piece Jeunes operation, our agency rallied itself with enthusiasm for this major event. A 30 2V parade, with each one bearing a number from 1 to 30, the doors adorned with the colors of the association, travelling across the streets of Paris this 13th February, from Hopital Necker-Enfants malades until Hotel Scipion, headquarters of the Foundation. Transporting journalists, partners, members and volunteers of the association, little patients and their families, our 30 beauties joyfully paraded during the sunny afternoon, led by our iconic 2CV James, so proud to display these yellow colors, on this big day!

After a closing snack at the Scipion Hotel, Antoinette, Achille, Jeanette, Jules, Marguerite, Eglantine, Huguette and the entire group went back to the engine garage partying, wriggling the hood after this iconic event.              

 A big thanks to our partner, Les Pieces Jaunes for their trust and their gesture, with which we were delighted to partner up.

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