Rallye en 2CV à Bordeaux

Rally Behind the Scenes of Bordeaux by 2CV

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Discover the secret places of Bordeaux, anecdotes and unexpected stories that have highlighted and made them so endearing. Are you looking for an activity in order to unify your team ? This 2CV rally is motivating, fun and unique ! In the heart of Bordeaux your team has to stick together to resolve the final riddle. Aboard our comfortable and colourful 2CV you will share a convivial moment during this extraordinary teambuilding.


This rally is…


The participants are divided into groups of three per 2CV

It is also possible to divide the teams into bigger groups

The 2CV is a cosy cocoon which favours exchange and sharing 

Aboard this legendary car the participants experience an unforgettable group activity!


The participants, at the beginning of the rallye, are given a roadbook and a polaroïd. They will have to guide their driver through the streets of Bordeaux.

The participants will answer several questions.

These questions can focus on the company or a topic of your choice.

The answers allow the participants to discover the clues in order to solve the final riddle.


With a polaroid, the participants will strick poses in front of the camera : laughter and a good atmosphere are guaranteed !


Sur-mesure (33000 Bordeaux)

See below an example of a 3 hours rally :

  • 14h : The participants are welcomed by their group coordinator, who will then explain the rules of the rallye.
  • 14h15 : Departure in 2CV. Step 1, 2 and 3 of the rallye
  • 16h45: Final riddle
  • 17h00 : Counting of points by the staff of 4 roues sous 1 parapluie
  • 17h15 : Prize-giving to the winning team (Champagne or other)


According to your wishes.

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Rally Behind the Scenes of Bordeaux by 2CV

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