2CV Rallies in Ile-de-France

Provins 2CV Rally


Only Master on board, embark on an exciting journey back to the time of knights who were jousting on horseback and struggling against wars. The medieval city of Provins opens its doors to a rally that will not leave you indifferent.


  • The participants are divided into teams of 4 people by 2CV in which they will live an incredible group activity.
  • Possibility to gather cars to form larger teams.
  • The 2CV is a cozy and warm cocoon, conducive to exchange and sharing.


  • The participants take turn to be the driver of the mythical 2CV.
  • During this incentive activity, they answer various observation questions that can be adapted to your company or the theme of the seminar.
  • Various activities punctuate this rally (race of coffee boys, petanque, tasting of wines and cheeses) and photo breaks.


  • At each activity, participants retrieve letters that make it possible to form a key phrase at the end of the rally.
  • Equiped with Polaroid, participants pose throughout the rally: laughter and good atmosphere guaranteed !





Here is a typical run for a 3h rally:

  • 14:00: Reception of the participants and explanation of the rally by the coordinator 4 wheels under 1 umbrella
  • 14:15: Start in 2CV, stages 1, 2 and 3 of the rally
  • 17:00: Counting points by the team 4 roues sous 1 parapluie
  • 17:15: Award ceremony by the coordinator


100% customizable.

Circuit around Provins and its 58 historical monuments.

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Provins 2CV Rally

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