2CV Rallies in Paris

Paparazzi by 2CV in Paris


"Paris, the party and its shimmering... Take on the role of a real paparazzi and move heaven and earth to get THE picture of the couple of stars. Review your classics, the People press is out! "

Team building, unique, friendly and on full throttle!
We promise you a rally ...


  • The participants are divided into groups of three per 2CV
  • It is also possible to divide into bigger groups
  • The 2CV is a cosy cocoon which favours exchange and sharing 


  • The participants will have to work together in order to have the clues in order to find the paparazzi's target
  • The clues can be adapted to your company or a specific seminar topic
  • The teams collect the clues which will lead them to victory. They have to be watchful and dynamic if they want to achieve their objective


  • With a polaroid, the participants will pose in front of the camera : laughter and a good atmosphere are guaranteed !

The + product:

     A proven expertise in 2CV rallies, legitimized by 99.99% of satisfied customers
     An ingenious scenario, for a flawless membership of your teams
     One kit for each team: custom roadbooks for your business and polaroids
     A team of private drivers, trained in hospitality and excellence
     A bottle of champagne offered to each member of the winning team!




See below an example of a 3 hour rally:

14h00 : Welcoming participants and explanation by the coordinator 4 roues sous 1 parapluie
14h15 : Departure in 2CV
17h00 : Count of points by the team 4 roues sous 1 parapluie
17h15 : Handing over the price by coordinator (champagne or other)


100% Customizable


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Paparazzi by 2CV in Paris

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