2CV Rallies in Paris

World Tour Rally by 2CV in Paris


From Chinatown to the Mosque of Paris passing by the Arab World Institute, explore the city and discover an exotic and authentic multicultural Paris. Unite your team around a strategic and participative rallye in the center of Paris. Buckle up and enjoy your ride 'around the world' in the cosy atmosphere of the 2CV!


  • Participants are divided into teams of 3 people per 2CV.
  • Possibility to group cars to form larger teams.
  • The 2CV is a cozy and warm cocoon, conducive to exchange and sharing.


  • Each team establishes, from the start, a strategic route to travel as many kilometers as possible during the time allotted.
  • A good knowledge of Paris is a real asset.


  • The participants rediscover the most cosmopolitan Parisian neighborhoods.
  • During this incentive activity, the participants answer various questions of general culture but also of observation. These can be adapted to the company or theme of the seminar.
  • In order to "win" extra kilometers, the teams also bring back a souvenir of each country visited.


  • Throughout the rally, participants must strike a pose: laughs and good atmosphere guaranteed!

The + product:

     A proven expertise in 2CV rallies, legitimized by 99.99% of satisfied customers
     A logistics team dedicated to your event
     An ingenious scenario, for a flawless membership of your team
     One kit for each team: custom roadbooks for your business and polaroids
     A bottle of champagne offered to each member of the winning team!




Customized (recommended districts 1, 2, 8, 9, 17, 18)

Here is a typical run for a Rally of 3H:

  • 14H00: Reception of the participants and explanation of the rally by the coordinator 4 roues under 1 parapluie
  • 14H15: Departure in 2CV
  • 17H00: Counting points by the team 4 roues under 1 parapluie
  • 17H15: Award ceremony by the coordinator


100% Customizable


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World Tour Rally by 2CV in Paris

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